5 Best Donald Trump Lurking Memes

5 Best Donald Trump Lurking Memes

10 October 2016

Donald Trump Debate Memes

One of the most rapidly developing Donald Trump debate memes surrounds Trump lurking behind Hillary Clinton.

After the second presidential debate, millions of Twitter users expressed their feelings towards the candidates. However, the most entertaining display came from online memes. Because of the polarization of the election, viewers considered no topic too risque when mocking either candidate. Still, one of the more predominant memes comes from the image of Donald Trump standing behind Hillary Clinton as she spoke. As a result, here are five of the best Donald Trump Lurking memes.


This Twitter user invoked the various reports of “killer clowns” on the political level. Since the development of the creepy clown story, various Twitter users couldn’t help but make the comparison between two headline topics. 


Although many debate viewers associated Trump with the “creepy clowns” in the news, some immediately jumped to the horror film analogy. While the emotions behind this meme are the same, this Twitter user pulls no punches in describing the debate as a “horror movie.”

Donald Trump Debate Memes


Another delve into the horror genre, this Twitter user connected the scary aspect of the debate with Halloween drawing near. While Jim obviously supports Hillary, many seem to welcome his description of the “scariest thing you will see this Halloween.”


While the lurking image brings to mind various human creeps, Richard Hine invokes the classic Jaws legacy to describe Trump’s lurking. His remark “just when you though it was safe to go back in the water” provides a new and, so far, popular depiction of the debate.

Nevertheless, the best memes tend to be the simplest. Among dozens of images, James West’s summary of “What. Is. He. Doing” perfectly captures people’s reactions as the debate continued.

Even now, plenty of people throughout social media continue to create their own mark on the debate.

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