Autopsy Reveals Keith Scott Shot From Back By Police

Autopsy Reveals Keith Scott Shot From Back By Police

13 October 2016

Keith Scott Shot

A new independent autopsy reveals that officers shot Keith Lamont Scott from the back.

Last month, news pundits tracked the story of black man Keith Lamont Scott shot by black police officer Brentley Vinson. Quickly, massive protests developed out of his death as the investigation began. Multiple videos emerged from the scene that depicted Scott and his wife arguing with the police. Following his death, many details have been disputed throughout the investigation. While the police states Scott was armed, his family maintains that Scott had no weapon on him at the time.

Keith Scott Shot



Earlier today, however, an autopsy commissioned by his family confirmed that one of the bullets actually struck Scott on the back. More specifically, the autopsy confirmed that one bullet hit his left upper back while the others struck his left lower abdomen and left wrist. In addition, Scott suffered fractures in his ribs, vertebrae, left wrist and left radius. From this report, the autopsy classified his death as a homicide.

In contrast, the Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner’s Office held off in releasing their official autopsy. According to their website, official autopsy reports take three or four months to complete. The Scott family attorney Charles Monnett condemned this inability “to release even the most basic information” for Scott’s death.

Meanwhile, the county office placed Bentley Vinson on administrative leave without being charged. Scott’s wife argued openly against the officers’ account, stating that Scott took eleven medications, affecting his memory. “If you start a conversation with him, he’s not going to remember the conversation once the medicine has kicked in,” Rakeyia Scott said. In addition, she also openly questioned if Vinson indeed shot her husband based on her own memory.

Without the police’s official autopsy, the investigation behind Keith Lamont Scott’s death continues.

New York Daily News

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