Rapper TI Owes Millions In Unpaid Taxes

Rapper TI Owes Millions In Unpaid Taxes

February 23, 2016

Rapper TI Owes Millions In Unpaid Taxes. Rapper T.I.’s Georgia mansion, Ferrari Spider and diamond and gold Rolex are on the line as Uncle Sam claims he now owes over $6.2 million in unpaid taxes

  • This is the third lien the Feds have placed on the property and assets of rapper T.I. and his pregnant wife Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle in sixmonths
  • Cottle is more than six month’s pregnant with the couple’s third child
  • Documents obtained by Daily Mail Online reveal the IRS has filed a new tax lien against T.I. – aka Clifford Harris – for tax year 2014
  • T.I. owns a $4-plus million home in Georgia and a number of pricey cars
  • He is worth an estimated $215 million 
  • The Atlanta rapper announced that he has signed a distribution deal with Roc Nation for his 10th studio album, probably worth millions
  • Once known as Rubber Band Man, a reference to the custom of wearing rubber bands around the wrist to denote wealth

Rapper T.I. has been accused of cheating the federal government out of another 1.6 million dollars in taxes – bringing his  grand total debt to over 6.2 million dollars, Daily Mail Online has learned exclusively.

According to official documents filed in Georgia, the IRS hit the rapper with a federal tax lien in the amount of $1,640,664.90. The lien filed on February 17th states T.I. – real name Clifford  Harris. Uncle Sam will be coming after the rapper’s property and assets if the debt isn’t paid up. The latest lien comes after the IRS filed two separate liens back in August.

The first lien – for $1,397,283.47 for 2012 – was filed against T.I. along with his now pregnant wife Tameka Cottle. The second lien was for $3,173,476.39 in unpaid taxes for the year 2013. The grand total for the rapper’s tax debt comes to $6,211,424.76.

The IRS explains they have demanded payment but T.I. has refused to cough up the money and now they will begin the process of seizing his assets to collect on their debt. That should be chump change for the 34-year-old rapper, whose wealth has been estimated to be as much as $215 million. According to People with Money magazine he was one of the top ten highest paid rappers for 2015 with an estimated combined earning of $75 million. Plus Forbes announced today that the Atlanta rapper announced that he signed a distribution deal with Roc Nation for his 10th studio album,

T.I., 35,   was once known as Rubber Band Man, a reference to the custom of wearing rubber bands around the wrist to denote wealth. The Atlanta native started in the music business in 2001 and is the founder of Grand Hustle Records.  He has released nine studio albums and recorded hits such as Whatever You Like, Live your Life with Rihanna and About the Money with Young Thug. He has also starred in several movies and television shows such as Boss and American Gangster”.The entrepreneurial rapper also owns a very popular night club in Atlanta – Club Crucial –  and bought Vibe Restaurant and Lounge, also in Atlanta, last January. He has several clothing lines Hustle Gang, Akoo and Strivers Row.

He is usually seen driving either his Dodge Challenger SRT8 or his Ferrari F430 Spider. He also has a Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren and has posed in pictures with a Bentley Mulsanne. Another high profile rapper, 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July, claiming assets and debts each in the range of $10 million to $50 million.

Jackson filed just three days after the ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin” rapper was ordered to pay $5 million to his rival Rick Ross’ ex-girlfriend, Lastonia Leviston, who sued him for posting a sex tape online to embarrass Ross. T.I. has been with singer-songwriter Cottle, 40, since 2001 and they married in 2010. They have two sons together: Clifford “King” Joseph Harris III, about to turn 11, and Major Philant Harris, 7.

The Feds have demanded the payment from T.I. but the balance remains due to this date, and they say they will be placing the lien against all property and assets the rapper owns. The IRS doesn’t fool around with millions of dollars in unpaid taxes and could begin seizing his assets if he doesn’t pay up.

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