WATCH: Adele Forgets The Lyrics To Her Song

WATCH: Adele Forgets The Lyrics To Her Song

26 May 2016

Adele Forgets

In a new popular video on social media, Adele forgets the lyrics to her own song “Million Years Ago” in the middle of a concert.

Adele Forgets




In a recent concert held this week in Manchester, England, the award-winning British singer briefly flubbed the words to her song in the middle of singing it. Rather than singing the verse of “Million Year Ago,” one of the songs off of her third studio album 25, Adele began singing the chorus against the music of the band. Very quickly, Adele noticed her flub and reacted to it.

“Oh s—t, wrong words! S—t, s—t, s—t,” she said, laughing. “I started singing the chorus. Sorry!”

Luckily, fans seemed to enjoy Adele’s blunt reaction to her flub and still enjoyed the concert as she resumed the song as usual.

This is not the first time Adele had flubbed the words to her own songs in concert. The singer had previously forgotten the lyrics to “Chasing Pavements” during a concert in Boston in 2011. She also blanked out on the lyrics to “Tired” in a 2009 Montréal concert.

Adele is currently continuing her world tour. She will begin her North American tour on July 5th in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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