Watch Justin Bieber Fall AGAIN In “Sorry” Performance

Watch Justin Bieber Fall AGAIN In “Sorry” Performance

30 June 2016

Justin Bieber Fall

At a recent concert, Justin Bieber once again falls in the middle of a water-drenched performance of his hit song “Sorry” on his Purpose tour.

In a concert taking place at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida on Wednesday night, Justin Bieber performed his hit “Sorry” as the finale to his ninety-minute concert. As part of the performance, the stage along with the performers were drenched with water as Bieber sang around the stage. However, right when Bieber began dancing on the soaked stage, fan-obtained footage showed him slipping to the floor.

Justin Bieber Fall


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When the other male dancers went to pull the singer from the ground, Bieber easily stood up on his own and even jokingly pulled a fellow dancer into a mock-fight on the soaked floor. He later took to the crowd to proclaim that “life is about taking falls” as a way of walking away from the embarrassing incident.

This marks the second time Justin Bieber has taken a fall during a concert performance of “Sorry.”  He also slipped in a water-drenched performance earlier in April under the same circumstances, prompting news articles and fans alike to advise Bieber to avoid using water-based performances in his act.

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