The Best Cheap Tacos in The Bay Area

This article is from ThrillistIn The Bay, affordable tacos aren’t hard to find. You can find them on almost any block or corner. But this is Thrillist! We aren’t searching for basic affordable tacos, we’re looking for the most mind-blowing, mouth-watering tacos our $5 can buy! Join host Nicole Wilhelm as she takes us to find the most delicious tacos our 500 pennies can buy. We’re going to a local gem that will tingle your taste buds. La Casita in Oakland is serving up authentic Mexican cuisine, featuring some of the best tacos in town, and we’ll show you why. That is, after all, why Thrillist is your go-to for all food recommendations. You know the rules: We’ve only got $5, so we need to make every penny count… and we’ve definitely got you covered.