Boat Life On The Rideau Canal With Le Boat

I’ve always had mixed feelings about cruising, yet the idea of traveling from place to place on a boat with a small group of close people appealed to me. When I heard of Le Boat, a company that lets you rent luxury houseboats and cruise around the rivers, lakes, and canals of Canada and Europe, I wanted to learn more.

Le Boat invited me to experience their self-drive boats (the world’s largest fleet) that require no license or experience to drive on a trip along the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. At first, I was nervous about driving the 44-foot house-boat for a week and navigating major waterways but was surprised about how easy it was.

My adventure started at Smiths Falls, with an orientation session with base manager Sandy Crothers. From there, my team and I took off on a super comfy four-cabin boat called The Horizon 4.

Over the next four nights, we docked at different towns where we tasted of the best food and drinks in the region and explored historic sites along the way.