Dog’s Accessories – Fashion or Functions?

“What comes to your mind first when you hear “Dog’s Accessories”? Is it something practical and necessary like a collar or a leash or something much more extravagant like a fancy coat or even shoes? Is it a fashion or something with a function? In this case here, we would definitely say – both! It seems that this might be the latest puppy fashion trend which is absolutely adorable, but at the same time very practical – a simple hair clip that makes these puppies look so cute but also keep their hair out of the way of their plates. That’s what we call the ultimate fashion with a function! Just look how amazingly cute they look while having their dinner. It’s almost like they’re dining in the trendy restaurant, somewhere in the big city, just before going to a cool party or some other posh event. So, get yourself ready to meet the sweetest and most adorable furry trendsetters ever!”