Drone footage of Greek island captures all the shades of nature

All the shades of nature centered on a peculiar lively "painting", which is adorned generously by waterbirds. We fly over the lagoon in the second largest city of Achaia, Aigio of Patras. There could be a goddess in this lake because it has such a natural beauty that it stimulates its guests to submerge their imagination. There are some days when her water is a "mirror", which has the effect of painting the beauty of the sky in the lake. The lagoon of Alyki Aigio is definitely one of the rarest places of natural beauty in Achaia, which we and the state have to protect. Among the reeds, the rare birds, the swamps and the sandy beaches or the beaches with crocodiles and stones, Alyki Aegiou is a unique world, quiet, wild and incredibly beautiful, a world that calms and soothes you as it shows both different from these people. It is a world that would choose to live a goddess of the lake along with its exotic, fairies and brides.