The foodie’s approach to the end of the world

What would you cook during an apocalypse? The co-founders of Joe Beef, one of Canada’s most-celebrated restaurants, have you covered. In their latest book [“Joe Beef: Surviving The Apocalypse,”]( David McMillan and Frédéric Morin give an in-depth look at what they would eat, cook and scavenge in a potential doomsday scenario. McMillan joined Salon’s Manny Howard on “Salon Talks” to talk about everything from where he bought his machete to writing an “anti-cookbook” that was funny. McMillan explained how he wanted a versatile cookbook. He wanted to write a book “that wouldn’t just be in the cooking section, that would be in the outdoor section, that could be in the fishing section, that could be sold at a sporting goods store, that could be sold at a hardware store.” And for McMillan, having an apocalypse plan is important, “It makes me feel comfortable to have a bug-out bag, to know the routes out of the city, to have a machete under the seat of my truck.” But both McMillan and Morin wanted to make sure their more-than-just-a cookbook wasn’t simple. When asked about the sheer difficulty surrounding a bone broth recipe that you only utilize a teaspoon of, McMillan explained, “There’s a lot of books written with very easy recipes and that’s a category. Fred, especially loves to torture people. Watch the video above to hear why McMillan is happy that his hardware store sells his new book [“Joe Beef: Surviving The Apocalypse.”]( And watch the [full episode]( to hear why the Joe Beef founders don’t care about luxury when it comes to their award-winning Montreal restaurant. —- Cover image courtesy of Jennifer May