Johnny Manziel’s Family Defends Manziel Despite Attacks

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  • Published February 9, 2016
9 February 2016

Johnny Manziel’s Family Defends Manziel

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has been under media scrutiny since his police investigation regarding an altercation with a girlfriend. Through this week, Manziel’s press has gotten worse following an allegation that he had shown up drunk for not only practice but also four days prior to the final Browns game of the season. In addition, an affidavit from Colleen Crowley, a model ex-girlfriend of Manziel, accuses the football player of allegedly beating and rupturing her eardrum. In the midst of these attacks, Manziel’s grandfather Norman Paul Manziel defended his grandson.

“Everyone just needs to leave the boy alone,” added the 73-year-old patriarch of the Manziel family. “He needs his privacy right now. If he was left alone, he’d be all right. But he can’t sit down without being bothered.”

While he did not deny any of Manziel’s actions regarding the investigations, Manziel Sr. argued for the sake of his grandson’s privacy. Browns coach Hue Jackson also steered clear of any direct criticism of Johnny Manziel’s behavior.

Johnny Manziel’s Family Defends Manziel






“His privacy starts where your nose ends,’ fumed Manziel Sr. ‘He’s not public property. He doesn’t owe anybody anything.”

Other people, however, have been critical of Johnny Manziel with his father stating that “if they can’t get him help” he won’t live to see his 24th birthday in December. Analyst Mike Silver also accused the team of lying to cover Manziel’s behavior from booting him off the team.
The Browns are now expected to cut Johnny Manziel from the Cleveland Browns in early March following a disappointing season.

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